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Custom Training Plans

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Fully custom training plans. *Recommended especially for those with Diastasis Recti, postural issues, injuries, special modifications, and more


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4 weeks of fully customized online personal training programming, nutritional coaching, and 24/7 app access. Click here to see what's included in your program


Annual (save $200!)

One full calendar year of fully customized online personal training programming, nutritional coaching, and 24/7 app access. Click here to see what's included in your program


Training Programs & Classes

Need something less tailored or more simple? Try a program below!

These programs are designed for someone who's looking for a fitness challenge that is a great push but is not a custom or personal training experience. All programs vary in length and difficulty. Make sure to read the descriptions below to choose the one that is right for you!

Beat Box

Live Class! Saturdays 9am PST

Dance & Boxing Fusion. Non-contact boxing choreography to upbeat music! Original format created by Chloe Puff. No equipment or experience needed. This class will have you feeling like a badass!


Tone-Up Tabata

Strength & Stamina

This 6-week at home program will have you sweating in no time! Packed with Bodyweight tabata-style workouts, you can do these as a solo training plan or add it to your current routine. Suitable for all levels. The time structure is the same, but the workout volume and intensity will depend on the effort you put in!

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50 Day Transformation

Look Good, Feel Good

This 7 week program is to help you CRUSH the next 50 days! It is adjustable for most levels of fitness. You will complete the assigned workouts 5 days a week, with two days to either do cardio, catch up on missed workouts, meal prep, or recover! YOU GOT THIS! Crush it!

*Can be adjusted for those with Diastasis recti

Now only $30


10 Week HIIT Shred

Fat Burning Metabolic Boost

This is a ten week program to help grow muscular endurance, agility, stamina, strength, power. Simple enough for anyone but recommended for those with a strong understanding of the basics.

Now only $40


Agility & Power

Move Faster and Stronger

An explosive 10 week program designed to help you move faster than before and get those fast-twitch muscles strong. Boost your agility and mobility with these powerful at-home workouts. Recommended for intermediate levels and up.

Now only $40


Coming Soon...

Even more to look forward to

  • Diastasis Recti Rehab Program for Intermediate and Advanced Levels

  • Non-Contact Boxing Programs

  • Stretching & Foundation basics for beginners


How It Works

Online training is convenient, affordable, and allows you 24/7 access to your workout plan. On the app, you will see your training plan, which gives you the ability to upload progress pics, enter your body stats, and follow your workouts on a calendar.

The workouts are written out with specific instructions as well as video for each movement. If you have any questions about your workout or a specific movement, you can leave a note in the app. I am able to monitor your progress on line and check in with you regularly in the in-app messenger. 

Your program includes nutrition coaching in addition to your workouts, which means you will be guided every step of the way with meal suggestions, and you can send me pictures of your meals to get feedback and alternatives.

Programs can be modified at any time and are designed to accommodate all abilities.

Please see the membership payment policy for freeze & cancellation requests

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