My Favorite Things

Your Essentials Guide

Over the years I have tried countless products, tried all the "hacks" and tricks, and bought my fair share of equipment for my fitness. Here are my all-time favorites and essentials to add to your bag of tricks! From favorite music, to workout wear, to home gym equipment, check out my top picks!


These magical little eggs are by far my FAVORITE tool of the year. They are small enough to fit in your bag, and can literally boost ANY workout to be a mega sweat session! There's no secret to these, you just slip them on your middle finger, and hold them while you move! Whether you're dancing, walking, hiking, doing HIIT, boxing, swimming, these pack a punch! Save 10% on your order too by using the code CHLOE10 at checkout!

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These are my most frequently ordered items online. Everything from protein bars, probiotics, to affordable workout wear. Click and check out my favorites!


I came across this site after someone had reached out to me on instagram to test some products. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had some great products available! My favorites are the super loops (all sizes!) and the yoga mat with position markers. If you want to get some for yourself, use CHLOEPUFF15 at checkout for a discount!


I have put together a list of my favorite songs and have added my followers' favorites as well! feel free to add your own, and enjoy this playlist that will have you moving in no time!